Saturday, September 27, 2008

5 Things I seem to be obsessed with as of late.

1) Oatmeal for breakfast, dunno maybe it is the shift in the weather?
2) The Watchmen movie. I loved the comic and have forced my dog-eared copy onto anyone willing to stand still long enough. 4 different directors have tried and the original writer of the piece has disavowed the film.
3) Tailored suits as fetish wear, I’ve spent the last 10 years avoiding wearing them and now I own 2. Something about the look and feel of a good, tailored suit that sets a certain tone and frankly I’ve about had it with PVC pants.
4) The physical manipulation of Sarah Palin’s image. The rhetorician in me is amazed at how her handlers have been subtly morphing her physical appearance and verbal habits. Anyone else notice that in her last 3 public interviews she has worn 3 different styles of glasses?
5) Steel suspension toys. My steel guy has been bringing me all sorts of cool new toys to try out. I think this Christmas we will be featuring a much more expanded line of suspension hardware options and the like.