Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So have you seen this new "Perfect Oatmeal" that Starbucks is offering as part of the whole "healthy breakfast" kick they are on? Now, I love me some oatmeal. Nothing makes a cold, damp morning more bearable than big bowl of mill cut oats, maybe a nice banana and some brown sugar. Call me old fashioned but that is totally a childhood comfort food for me.

The other morning, after hitting the gym at an ungodly hour, Tambo and I hit the nearby starbucks for our post work out coffee and "dude, I must be outta my mind to do this everyday" session. Having skipped breakfast I was more than ready to rip into something with my coffee, now the make that the siren's call, of the top pot donut was strong, but I resisted. ( I'll save you the pain and not take the Iliad analogy any farther and describe how I had Tambo lash me to the mast, altho I'm sure you perverts would like that.)
No, not to undue all the good that an hour on the stair master had done me I opted for the oatmeal. The cold days of fall are upon us now so I thought something warm and hearty would suit me well and the photos of the meal showed a rich, hearty bowl of oats adorned with dried fruit.

Imagine my chagrin when upon ordering, the barista grabs a packet of instant oatmeal, empties it into a cup, adds hot water, grabs a tiny baggie of dried raisins and hands the mess to me.

Instant oatmeal?!

I just paid 3 bucks for a packet of instant oatmeal and a bag of rasins? I could have walked across the parking lot to the QFC and bought a box of the stuff for a buck asked for a cup of hot water. Of course this is from a company that has trained us that "Vente" is "large", it is perfectly normal to ask for an extra shot of protein in your vanilla latte and 5 bucks is cheap for a cup of coffee.

Next time I'm sticking with the donut. Sometimes I think we make life too difficult. It is just coffee and pastries, lets not get too complicated and forget why we are here. Caffeine and sugar.