Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fell outta bed and into my work boots this morning...

Well dear readers, another week is upon us and your humble narrator is about to embark on another week of strange. Last week was pretty light on the updates as Tambo and I's anniversary plans were upended with multiple trips to the vet as we dealt with not one but both our furry "kids" and their various ailments and adventures. Thankfully that all seems to have calmed down and we can now get back to our regularly scheduled kink right?

Not so much....

See this weekend I am to take part in an old and dear friend;s wedding. Yep, more wedding photos for me. Thankfully I'll be just one of the guys in a suit standing off to the wings this time. However, said wedding is taking place in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, like the middle of freaking Montana, nowhere. So far off the grid in fact that there will be no cell or internet coverage. I know, what am I going to do being off-line for several days in a row? Make an adventure of it.

Tambo, who is quite possibly the coolest girl in the world when it comes to having an "adventure" with, is eager to take the trip as the route will take us through our home town. The plan is to tack on a few extra days and revisit where we grew up, even possibly visit the farm where I spent most of my formative years. A place I have not seen since the early 80's. I'm packing my camera so with any luck there will be a story to be told when it is all said and done.

However in the meantime I have 2 days to get as much done here at the Abbey, fortify my crew with stock and strict instructions to not kill each other regardless of who calls who a "taint twaddler" as well as fill a bunch of orders.