Friday, September 19, 2008

From the "OMFG Monk!" files

My awesome, awesome steel guy just sent me a photo of his newest creation. The Iron Fist. Just. fresh from the shop, what does he think? "I gotta snap a photo of this for Monk!" Can I say again how much I like this guy?

This bad boy is a hefty, SOLID 4 inch wide stainless steel ball on what has to be an 8 inch shaft. He promises to bring me a prototype on Monday so I can do some "field testing" with it and see if it gets the "Monk's Seal of Perverse Perfection"

In other news, Tambo and I are about to depart to go see Journey in concert tonight. Yup, one of my favofite customers/supporters/friends, Ayem Willing, came through with tickets for us as birthday/aniversary present to us both. Thanks again, Ayem, you are one of "the good ones".