Thursday, September 18, 2008

Now, the plan was to post about the return of Color of the Month then I had to twitter....

After taking the summer months off, our massively popular "Color of the Month" feature was all set to return today. As you may remember, every month I make a small, one time color run and offer it up for sale. First come, first sold as the color will not be offered again once we run out... and we always run out. Now as my way of thanking you, the faithful blog reader, I do not announce the color on any other public forum. Giving you first crack at getting your hands on these limited edition colors.

This month's color is "Rustic Burgundy"

So last night, after Tambo uploaded the new graphics and enabled sales of the new color my plan was to say something on my twitter feed and then post the new color this morning. In between the twitter and this morning, you folks placed a LOT of rope orders.

As it stands right now: 09/18/08 10:15 am
4MM 70% sold out
6MM 80% sold out

Wow, so I guess this means folks really do read that twitter feed? Damned impressive really.

Oh and to those who say, "just make larger batches", not really an option... we already are making them as large as we dare push our equipment.