Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Black Friday!

Today is a really busy day here at the Abbey. Today I have the largest crew of minion working in the company's history, it's practically crowded on the shop floor! After resting up yesterday the plan is to knock out a huge chunk of these orders and begin the massive holiday push.

So while I do the "Wrangle and try not to strangle" with my crew today here are 2 things to keep you entertained.

First off, yes this would have been funnier if I posted it yesterday but a day off is a day off.

This is funny on a number of levels, what killed me was the bad Asian music and the fact that he was sporting one of those Chinese silk jackets. Note to would be tops, those are played out. Trust me, I speak from a place of authority here, I once sported one myself... like 5 years ago. The only thing that would have made this clip any funnier would be if he tied the bird up and mispronounced the Japanese translations for the ties he was using and claimed that they were taught to him by a secret European house.

The other item is a bit more thoughtful, NPR this morning announced that today was the "National Day of Listening", Not like to music, but rather listening to someone when having a conversation. How many times have we spoken to a person and not really "listened", rather just waited till they were done speaking and then opened our mouth. A bit of an esoteric challenge today, stop. Speak less and really try to listen to what is said to you.

On that note I best sign off and go listen to what my crew has to say about getting all this rope cut, whipped and out the door.