Thursday, November 06, 2008

Its really a question of motivation…

I really do not like doing pull ups. Sure, for the first time in my life I can do them, lots of them actually. Still does not mean that I like them, especially after busting my collar bone last year, it took months before I could even dare to attempt a few tentative tugs at the bar. Now, a year plus later, I can slam out a dozen or so before I start swearing at my trainer. It is not that my body can’t do them, but I think it is a mental thing for me. Now I “listen” to my body in fear of hearing a tell tale twinge or pop. Call it paranoia? Call it not wanting to feel the pain of having bone shards grind together again, but I really do not like doing pull ups.

This morning, after swearing, I jumped up on the bars to bust out the dreaded deed and then it dawned on me. See it is all a question of motivation. I’ve been told that when doing a pull up you should look up at the sky, where you want to go, rather than down at the ground. A slight change of focus, that’s all. This is when it occurred to me, why look up at the plain, white ceiling? How can this be a motivating goal? No, what I think I need is a really motivating goal, better yet something to strive for. I’m pretty sure if I could convince some sweet girl to climb up onto the overhead bar and perhaps sit her naked ass down so that when I reached the top of the pull up, my nose was just buried in her exposed crotch… I think perhaps then I will be able to fully embrace the activity and not look upon it with such dread.

I’m thinking this could revolutionize my workout routine.