Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meet me at an event and I’ll probably stumble on your name, even if we have met before, sorry but I’m just terrible with names. It usually takes about three repeat introductions for my brain to finally lock a face to a name. It’s not that I don’t remember meeting the person, quite the to the contrary actually. Once I can put a face into context I’m golden, even in some cases I’ve surprised customers by rattling off the details of their last handful of orders. Its just that face to name thing that gets me, I blame all the 80’s pop music. Somehow it has damaged my brain to the point where I can quote the lyrics to “You spin me round” with out breaking a sweat, but ask me what my mother’s maiden name is and I’ll have to think for a sec.

Now most folks I meet are pretty cool about this particular mental quirk of mine, I often make it a bit of a joke when I meet someone new. Expressing how delighted that I am to meet them while simultaneously apologizing in advance that they will need to remind me of their name about 3 more times and to not take it personal. Like I said, most laugh and share some embarrassing story about how they forgot someone’s name at a key moment too.

However there is a particular girl who seems to have turned the tables on me. We have crossed paths a few times at various social gatherings and upon our last “meeting”, when she reintroduced herself to me and I began to explain again my thing with needing multiple reminders, she coyly leaned up close, rolled her shoulders back and purred in my ear. “You said that the last two times we met, I hope time sticks”

Call me a dork, but let’s just say I’m looking forward to crossing paths with her again and making a point to impress upon her my desire to do more than just recall her name.