Thursday, November 13, 2008

So I'm working on one of those "Letters to Monk" sorts of posts where I answer reader e-mails.... I get a lot of good questions sent my way, but sometimes I get one that makes even my jaded brain reel.

I give you exhibit A, un edited and un changed from how I got it... and no, this was not spam email either.

"Just wanted to that there are a certain amount of shit in this planet
nigger women using blow guns to knock thier men out while they sleep
uncharted bondage bay and every day men walking around with what
they think its "rights" over person basically alls left is silent rage right now
:( and i dont feel good about myself here any more and i have no one left
to talk to because there isnt anyone wanting to fess up so when somone
blows by here im left as a shell, although twisted monkey helps there isnt
enough or as powerful stuff in just the utube movies that i see i cant stop
what they do to me and its leaves me sick inside what should i do? i cant
even get to work its ruining my life and any potential life with anyone i want
around in the near futur can you help me find a place to stay thats safe from
kinky neighbors and anything that goes bump in the night i am a humble person
that is not going to put up with ignorent cops that play stupid either cause they
are involved in the fetish thing there seems to be no justic, my mother has bee taken
by this soceity already and that leaves me with no one, i have talked to her about it
but she starts giggleing and wont take anything i say seriously after that how can i
tell me nightbor to stop paying so much attention to me and find resonce to put her
to an end finaly and finally how do i get involved with the right kind of people to
have some defence against this sort of thing

Thank you for any answers you can give me and thank you for your time"