Tuesday, November 04, 2008

You have got to be kidding me…

Ok, ok so yesterday after ranting about how sick and tired I was of being bombarded by election opinion from every possible media outlet known to man. This morning, as soon as the polls in my neighborhood opened, I happily and proudly cast my vote. Later, sporting my “I voted” sticker and feeling a general sense of relief and excitement for what is truly a very historic election, Tambo and I decided to stop off at a local coffee house on the way into work to pick up something yummy for the Minion.

Making small talk with a girl behind the counter, I was flirting actually. She was tall, cute and made coffee, what more can a guy want? Anyways, so there I was chatting her up when I expressed how glad I was that I got my voting done early.
She looked at me and with a look of genuine puzzlement went, “Oh, is that today?!”

I did my best to not stare at her slack jawed and ask on what planet her alien captors had been holding her for the past 2 years or if she had just come out of some kind of coma… I really and truly hope she was pulling my leg, but the blank look of bewilderment on her face told me otherwise.

So for the rest of you, get off your asses and go vote today. Don’t make them think that next time we need to have even MORE media attention in order to motivate us to get our lazy asses to the polls.

Ahem, rant over. Back to you regularly scheduled blog love.

Today I launched November’s Color of the Month. A midnight blue shade that I am calling “Blue State”. With any luck, you can use it to celebrate this very historic moment in history.

UPDATE: We are now sold out of 6MM and 8MM stock! Sold out in less than 3 hours! DAMN!

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