Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Well, its Christmas eve and I'm working in the Abbey. As much as it would be nice to call another snow day, we have lots of work still to do and frankly I think everyone on my crew would rather be doing something instead of staying cooped up at home going slightly mad. So we are here, for at least part of the day, I'm going against my own "no holiday music" rule and letting them play some heavy metal christmas tunes and there is whiskey for the coffee.

Last night, while waiting for my cold meds to kick in, my awesome video producer was showing me some of his latest work as well as some of the stuff he thinks we should adapt for future TwistedMonk videos. He's in love with Beyonce's new vid and thinks we could adapt the shooting technique for a very cool bondage video. I love his technical vision and if I can imagine it, he can probably shoot it or CGI it. Of course there is a worry, how well all this video stuff will age. I dare say I fear that one day, many years from now we will look back on this much like we look back on this gem from 1987, "Dancin Kim teaches you how to do The Thriller"

I'll leave you with this one, the riotously funny SNL short, "Jizz In My Pants"

Drive safe out there kids, it is still raining/snowing outside the Abbey today and even with the heaters on and extra layers of insulation, bitter cold today. Stay safe, stay warm and do something fun with someone you love.