Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Announcing January’s Color of the Month, a charity fundraiser for Midori & AIDS/LifeCycle

Longtime readers and customers will know that every year it is my honor and privilege to create a unique color of the month to help raise funds for Midori and her tireless work with the AIDS/LifeCycle. Thanks to your generosity, together we have helped raise thousands, but there is still so much more work still left to be done.

And so, once again I all upon you, dear readers and customers, to answer the call and fill our toy bags with rope.

The Midori/ALC charity color is only chance this year that we offer our ultra premium Bavarian Blonde 4-strand hemp as a color of the month. Starting with the fiery red “Lifeline” two years ago and the breathtaking “Unity” last year, we have created some unforgettable ropes and raised a lot of money for an excellent cause. Following in this grand tradition, this year we are proud to unveil our next color. An imperial purple we are calling, “Hope

This year, as Midori embarks on her fund raising efforts again by hosting her annual “Bang 4 the Buck” party in Seattle, WA on January 30th. We too will do our part to help this worthy cause. For those of you attending the event, Midori will be in possession of the first of this color and will, I’m certain, put it to some very memorable use.

For the rest of us not attending the event, the shade will go on sale on Saturday January 31st at noon. PST. This color is bound to sell out fast, our last color of the month sold out in 28 minutes and was the largest dye run to date.

This is a one time, one of a kind dye run and sure to sell out quickly. Do your part, buy some amazing rope and make a difference.