Thursday, January 22, 2009

Behold, accounting my accounting hell

Been a quiet sorta week here on the blog, not for lack of desire, no I can't go and blame the whole "Mercury in Retrograde" thing for lack of updates. Although it would make for an easy scapegoat. Nope, this week is accounting week, closing up all the files for 2008, settling accounts and setting up the files for 2009. A much necessary and legally mandated thing to do, and also really, REALLY boring. A word of advice to all would be self employed types, the better records you keep the more money you will retain come tax time. However keeping those records is a time consuming and boring process that is counter to the thing that actually makes you money. So don't put it off till you can't see the top of your desk due to the pile of papers and your accountant is looking at you holding a slip of paper with a drawing of a set of boobs and a phone number and asking you if this is a deductible receipt or an employee tax record.

Ok, ok so maybe it isn't as bad as that. Still, not my favorite aspect of business but one that must be done, so do it I will.