Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Old and New

Yesterday I almost added another minion to the fold, a temporary minion but another one none the less. An old and dear friend who used to help me out back in the days when we were doing this out of my garage, thankfully things worked out for him and he can continue along his chosen career path, but for a moment we laughed at the idea of him coming back into the fold.
"yeah, a lot has changed since you helped me first move in to this pace"
"Like the walls are no longer bleed black when washed?"
"Oh and we have walls now too!"

So here is the Abbey circa Jan 2005 when we first moved in and started production. No walls, no fixtures, no heat and not much in the ways of creature comforts. Just a big, big space with lots of potential.

And here it is this summer, taken on a warm afternoon when Merrick came to visit and do some photography work with me.

Lots have changed over the years as the company has grown, changed and transformed from this thing that I did with the help of my friends into something that supports myself and my crew. Also i needed an excuse to show off Merrick's naked boobies.