Thursday, February 19, 2009

Its madness here at the Abbey today!

Oh man oh man, things are screaming this week at the Ol' Abbey. The new rope stock is just primo, allowing us to turn up the production even more. Just in time too as the order queue continues to swell to a new, record high. Having crews working from 6am to 6pm, while making a serious dent, is still not enough. Gonna have to think about spinning up an evening shift. I'm not complaining, lord knows I'm delighted by it all actually, it just always astounds me when I think things are going to level off and they end up ratcheting up a notch.

Of coruse all this makes for a stressed Monk, the million things to track and the pull of a thousand variables at once makes me hungry for simple pleasure of play. To shift my focus from import negotiations, labor cost, color mixing, and all the details that go into my day to one thing. One body, encased in the bubble of play when time seems to stand still and the whole world, with it's flashing neon distractions, all seem to fade into the mists as I focus on that one perfect moment... Yeah, I need to play and hard soon. Need to feel the knot between my shoulders relax as I uncoil my body and let loose with savage intensity and destroy something beautiful.

Like this, taken from when Naughty Merrick came to shoot with me last summer.

Not sure when I'll get to play again, soon I hope. Lots and lots of work to be done right now and lots of customers who are waiting patiently for rope that I do not want to let down. Soon...