Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More on SEAF, a call to arms (or legs or perhaps tentacles)

Now that my hand seems to be mostly back to normal, save a funky shade of yellow, and the order pile has been reduced from “Fucking Massive” to a mere “HOLLY CRAP!” I think we can now return to talking about SEAF and the whole installation thing. Let me see, when last we spoke I was talking about performances. So I’m guessing, if I were in your shoes, I’d be wondering just who the hell I have incriminating photos of. I mean how the hell else could this rope maker talk his way into getting an installation at SEAF and the green light to roll out not one, not two but FOUR HOURS of performance bondage every night of the festival?

Nope, no photos. Rather an idea, an idea that they felt was good enough to warrant a proposal and eventually a green light. I know, pretty shocking. I think I still am to tell ya the truth. The idea is simple, be different. Challenge what we are used to seeing when you think of performance bondage. Let’s turn the idea on its ear, if you will, and do something that will make the viewer think, laugh and (hopefully) turned on. While the “classics” will never go out of style, I mean who does not like a hot girl, half naked and dangling in ropes? I mean really? It is my goal to challenge some of those assumptions by drawing on a wider palette of bodies and ideas for this as well as do more than just the “guy ties up hot chick, stands back, puts hands on hips and basks in his perceived awesomeness” thing.

What I need from you.

I am seeking a select group of exhibitionist, rope bottoms who want to commit to being part of this 4 day rope marathon. Non traditional types who love rope and are willing to put in the hard work to be part of doing something really, really challenging. Specifically I want men, bios, queers, non-traditional body shapes and those who are considered “differently abled” who want to take part in re-shaping the myth that in order to love rope you have to be a 98 pound contortionist from Tokyo. (don’t worry I have one or two of those on hand as well. ) In short, I want to draw from the vast spectrum of people who love rope and want to show that love off.

Now before I get flooded with emails saying, “oh pick me!”, pause for a moment and think about this. This will not be a scene or a play date, rather you are signing on to spending a large part of March and April rehearsing, getting filmed, photographed and in once case even motion captured for post FX-CGI. I need folks who are reliable, creative, have transportation and the desire to do something really different.

Next to talk about, but is it art?!