Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Briefest of updates.
Looks like I've managed to skate by the worst of this crud that seems to be knocking everyone down. Looks like I got lucky and only got the 2 day variety, not the "lay yer ass out for a week in bed" one that my second in command got. Poor kid, she has to fly out tonight and compete in IMSL too. Of course even half sick and stoned out on cold meds, she can charm the socks off any judge at 10 paces.

So before I close this out and leave the warm cave that is my loft office for the production floor of the Abbey I thought I'd pass this one last interesting tidbit. Today is day 21 of the no fries challenge. Remember that? Yeah, who knew it would pass so quickly, but yes. I've gone 21 days with out a french fry, kinda wild huh? The end result? Dropped a couple extra pounds, but the more interesting thing is, as always to me, the way the body responds when given a challenge.

What fascinating machines we inhabit, give them a challenge, something to overcome, and they excel. Question is, how many of us are willing to take up a challenge? But I ramble, the rope calls and I've got a long, long day ahead of me.