Thursday, March 26, 2009

I need to shed my skin for you

The beast that lives just beneath my skin needs out, I can feel it growling. Claws itching to be set free as it hungrily paces, back and forth, looking out at you from behind my eyes. It snarls and nips, a base creature driven by the most basic of needs. Hunger, hunger for you. It longs to be set free, to slink across the bed and sink its fangs into your warm, willing flesh. To feed, to consume your body. Muscles ache and fingers twitch as at the prospect of being set free upon your naked body.

That beast, the thought of loosing control of it frightens me, but not you. You welcome my snarls with open arms. The uglier, blind with lust and rage I become, the tighter you pull my thrusting hips to you. You do not fear what I can become, you invite it. Sinking fingernails into my skin you tug and pull, quickening the beast’s release.

Tonight the moon is full and must howl at it, to bare my fangs and sink them into you while we fuck. Please, dig your fingers into my skin and pull, free me from this skin suit and welcome my dark, animal soul out and into your bed.