Saturday, April 11, 2009

Awful quiet around here, but not for lack of things to say

As I roll up on 5 years of writing here, I must confess that I really enjoy this blog. The words on this page have brought me so much, both the good and the bad. Some days the words come freely, often urge to share the story outpacing my need to use proper grammar and spelling, other times the words are harder to find, like when I am ass deep in a deadline and all I can seem to talk about is how much coffee I consume.

Then, then there would be this week, when the words just stopped.

It was not because I had nothing to share, a rare uneventful week in the life of Monk? Hardly, rather it was all just too much. See, seven days ago I lost a family member in a sudden and tragic accident. Long time readers will note that the relationship with my bio-family can be best described as "complex" and this sudden loss did nothing to help matters. Bring back old issues and long, bitter divides.

Caught up in the whirlwind of emotions, I've opted to channel my grief into my creativity. Pouring the anger and unsaid words into my installation for SEAF in the hopes of transforming sadness into beauty and my loss into something graceful and moving.

So to you, dear readers, this is all I'm going to say on the matter. I'm here, I'm ok and while sad at the loss, I'm surrounded by partners and loved ones who have been nothing short of amazing to me. My company, steered briliantly by my crew this week, contiunes to steam along at an ever growing pace and my loves are... well my loves are the kind of people that make me strive to be all that I am and more. They inspire me, enrourage me and when I am terrified, hold me close and let me hide in thier warm embrace.

Next week your bacon obsessed pervert will return with tales of rope and miscief, but for today I shall take my lingering sorrow and make art, make love and do my part to change the world, a bedroom at a time.