Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hemp Shortage? What hemp shortage?

I'm getting a lot of emails regarding a "world wide hemp shortage" and if we at Twisted Monk are going to be impacted by it? Now what I know is that yes, the largest domestic importer of raw hemp products closed their doors this year. Whether or not this is due to a "shortage" or the current economic situation we are all experiencing I have no idea. What I do know is that we made a point to work directly with growers in Europe and the rest of the world to secure not only the best possible stock, but also to ensure that the stock is organic and fair trade.

Yesterday I posted a clip of me sniffing the first coils of rope from the new spring harvest and they look wonderful. I've sunk every dine I have into ensuring that we will get every ounce of hemp from this harvest. We have literally tons of the stuff en route from Europe.

So order with confidence, Monk is working around the clock to ensure that you all will have plenty of rope.