Thursday, April 23, 2009

Laptop Update
I twittered this last night, but here is the skinny, Tambo's car was broken into last night while we were grabbing a bite at one of our favorite local spots. The car was packed in a busy, well lit lot. The bad news is that my laptop, my constant companion of many years and holder of all my thoughts, words, photography and projects, is now gone. While I have backups, I've learned from years of IT work that no backup is ever, truly complete and there will always be things that can never be restored or recreated. Yeah I'm pretty pissed off and feeling a bit violated by it.

The good news is that while this sucks ass through a bent straw, it is in the end just a thing. Things can (and will) be replaced.

The REALLY good news is that while the laptop was an important part of my life and business, THERE WAS NO CUSTOMER DATA ON THE DRIVE. We strive to protect our customer's privacy as well as comply with all the security and privacy regulations handed down by our merchant bank. All customer data is held in a secure, encrypted location and was not subject to this theft. All orders placed before the theft are in our work queue and your data is safe and secured.

Thanks for the support.