Monday, April 20, 2009

Looking at my SEAF calendar it tells me that we are planning to install the art piece next Monday. This means I have now 7 days to pull together the last of the technical aspects of the installation, wrap rehearsals, film the last of the documentary and somewhere in there sleep and run a company.

While we are *mostly* on track, there are still some long nights ahead of myself and my tech crew before we can feel really good about what we have created. Things are looking very, very sexy. The performance pieces we have are varied and all very beautiful, encompassing what I hope will be the diverse and varied ways that rope connects people together.

There is one small setback, my goal is to create something that crosses genders, colors and sexual identies. I feel very confident and proud of the wide and diverse representation that we have so far, but there is one key element missing that I thought I had nailed down but now must scramble to find again.

I twittered last week that I wanted to create a "What if Tom of Finland did Japansese inspired rope bondage?" pipece and I thought I had just the canidate, but alas circumstance has removed him from the project and now I must scramble to find another leatherman who wants to take part. Why is this important to me? My goal throughout the entire project is to dispell rope myths, myths about what it means to enjoy bondage and who can (or can't) take part in it. One of those myths is that gy men, specifically the leatheman, with their inherent masculine sexuality are not "too macho" to enjoy rope as well, or that rope bondage is something only the straight kids enjoy.

So yes, I now have a gap in my argument and need to find a bottom fast. Someone who *gets* what it is to be a masculine, powerful gay man and wants to convey that to others through rope.

Enough rambling, back to work Monk....