Thursday, April 02, 2009

YouTube Issues

This morning, as I plotted out what would be another long and crazy day, Tambo informed me that there was something "strange" with our youtube channel. Strange being, it was gone. No warnings, no contact, just an empty space where all that video content used to live.

I suppose I should be freaked out, pissed off and demanding some kind of retribution for what has to be a serious oversight, but truth be told I've been in this game long enough to know better. In the last 5 years I've seen it all. Class action lawsuits against merchant banks, having the entire company website wiped out while I'm out of town at a weding when my webhost was hacked, audits from the EPA/OSHA/Fire Department, nearly loosing the Abbey to arson, and the list goes on and on.

Call me jaded, but now I just call my lawyer, aka the phriana.

(Speaking of which if you need an AMAZING small buisness lawyer, contact me. Mine is awesome. )

So while she does her magic, fear not. Since day one I've planned for this. All our how-to content is all hosted on our servers as well. Just hop over to the company site. I'll make sure we have the new "volume 2" stuff up this weekend just in case it takes us a while to iron things out with the youtube folks.

Now I suppose this would make me sound like a crumudgen, but there will always be something to go wrong. If I've learned anything growing a business from my garage to the jugnernaut that is TwistedMonk, it is that this is all part of the adventure. I could get mad, or depressed or ask "why me", but no. This is what you sign on for when you step out, off the beaten path, and try to do something nobody has ever done.