Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to The Mom

Today is my amazing mother in law's birthday, aka "The Mom". Now I've blogged before about just how cool a gal she is, but for those of you joining in... The Mom is pretty damned fantastic on all counts. Super supportive of both her bio kids as well as those of us to be married into her family. For the last 25+ years she has been nothing short of tremendous in her support of me. While my family imploded with internal strife and drama, she reached her arms wide around me and shielded me from the storm. She has sat across the dinner table from my other partner Matisse and shared holiday cheer with my adoptive family. No mater the crazy turns my life has taken, she has been there for me and loved me with an unconditional love.

If this is not enough reason to wish this one of a kind woman a joyous and happy birthday, then consider this. She, and her partner, were the ones who gave me my very first book on rope bondage. The genesis for this company and all that I have created. In short, if you love the rope you have in your toybag from me, she is the one you have to thank for it.

And so, to The Mom. Let us raise our glasses and say cheers!
Love you.