Friday, May 08, 2009

More from SEAF, Mayhem

This would be my dear pal and inspiration, Delano and I doing what we referred to as Mayhem". The idea was simple, we are both straight identified rope switches who share a bond through rope that is one of comradeship and friendship. This was not about a power dynamic, or sex or even something "artistic" rather what we did was divide all the rope I had made for the show into 2 piles, set on either side of the stage. We each took turns placing one piece on the other till we were either out of rope or unable to move. The only rules were, no crotch shots, the support lines had to finish through your own hard point and not to make the other one's butt look fat.

What resulted could best be described as a free form madness, like some kind of DJ battle where with every rope we taunted the other, "oh is that the BEST you got?" and with every tie, we became a larger and larger tangle of hemp.

Was it "art"? Not sure. Was it "entertaining"? Oh hell yes! Did it get my point across that rope is more than just a sex toy, but rather a medium through which people can communicate and connect? Yeah, I think so.

In other news, Tambo and her bro got decked out in their old school trek best for the new film's opening last night. Here is a 12 second clip of them getting photographed by all the other folks in line. Now being the good poly person I am, I'm seeing it again tonight with Matisse. I doubt she will don a uniform tho...

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