Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The process of rebuilding the lost data from the great laptop theft of 09 seems to be almost complete. While I am certain that there are email addresses that I missed as well as a few other lost bits of random data. Now since both my MP3 player AND my laptop were stolen in one single act of random vandalism, I lost all my music. Well not quite, I converted from the cult of i-tunes over to the Rhaposdy subscription model some time ago so the actual music is not lost, rather I just need to log in a pull down the tunes I want from the Rhaposdy archives.

The problem however is the play lists. Those mixes of tunes, each one crafted to fit a particular mood. Be it a lazy Sunday morning with a lover or an adrenaline fueled mix for a long, sweaty session in my dungeon. The mix, that is what I am missing and it, dear readers, is bugging the hell out of me. I’m piecing some bits together yet there are still holes.

So, one of the mixes I had was what I called my, “I am not a barcode” mix, great for working out when you just can not seem to muster the motivation or on those days when you feel like squaring your shoulders to the world and flipping the mainstream the bird.

Tunes like,
Saints of Los Angeles, Motley Crue
Thrash Unreal, Against Me!
21st Century Digital Boy, Bad Religion
1000 Fists, Disturbed
Fuck Authority, Pennywise

And? What else? Suggestions?