Thursday, May 07, 2009

Still digging out from the post SEAF madness.

You know all those things I said I would get to "after SEAF"? Well yeah, now I am ass deep in getting caught back up with the day to day operations of my company, getting my digital life rebooted (this would be the first blog post from my new lappy, I'm calling it "mini me") and reconnecting with all those folks that have waited so patiently as buried myself in the madness that was the installation.

So images and stories are starting to trickle in, here is a shot taken from a piece we called "The Skeleton Dance" what was really astounding, for me at least, was getting to work with Thomas. As a classically trained dancer, his understanding of how his body could move and how the level of muscle control was amazing. Allowing me to shape and pose his body effortlessly while could go from rigid to a slow, mournful melting of his limbs.

Made for a real visual treat.

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