Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yes, there are limits even to my vanity

Walked into the Abbey thing morning, my laptop bag over one shoulder and a strange package about the size of a shoe box under my arm. No sooner am I though the door and the minion are asking about the box. They are an observant bunch, my intrepid employees, but lets face it they spend more time around me than pretty much anyone else in my life so they can tell when something is up.
"What ever do you mean?" I ask in my best casual tone.
"You have a Styrofoam box under your arm and a shit eating grin on your face, that is what"
"Why this, " I say with a flourish and I remove the box, "the most awesome thing evar!"
They exchange odd looks to one another and wonder if this is the moment their boss has finally gone off the deep end.
"Um, boss.... that sorta looks like you?"
"That's cuz it IS me!" I exclaim with school boy glee.
"But that... that is a bobble head doll..."
"OF ME! Custom made, even got the eye color right!"
"..and where did you get this?"
"A gift from an intimate friend"
Again, more with the befuddled looks until one stated matter of factly, "Ya know, it does really look a lot like you."
"Especially when the head bobs, you look like that after too much coffee" said another
"Can it be our new boss?" Chimed in one
"No, lets build a shrine to it!"

I think ill call him mini-me on 12seconds.tv
I believe they said that flowers and a prayer box were needed in order for it to be perfect.

A post thought: When I first created this blog, some 5+ years ago I wanted a name that would capture the wonderfully strange and surprising direction my life had taken. Stealing the line from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, "...and the strangest things, seem suddenly routine" pretty much sums it up.

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