Monday, July 20, 2009

Super Secret Powers?

"oh I don't think I have any secret powers," she said to me, the candle light reflecting off the deep soft pools of her brown eyes, "I'm just a normal girl."
Yeah, right. If by "normal" you mean turning the heads of every man in the room as her small, pale hands played across the icy rim of her cocktail glass as she sat across from me.
"I mean it is not like I can fly, or bend spoons with my pussy" she coyly giggled.
"Ok, I'll give ya the first one, but I may need proof on the latter"

Everyone has a secret power, nothing so dramatic as flight or invisibility or even the ability to crush walnuts with their ass. No more like small, seemingly irrelevant powers that are unique to you. Like what kind of powers you ask? Well, I have one friend who, no matter the event or time of day, can find on street parking. Or my darling wife Tambo, she can seems to know the location of any random inanimate object in our house. If I can't find my leather spiderman jumpsuit with the spiked cod piece, bingo she can locate it in second flat.

So dear reader, what is your special power?