Sunday, September 20, 2009

Folsom Fashion Blues

Well gentle readers, the signs are all there. The kids are back in school, crappy horror movies are back in the theaters and Tambo wants to put a giant inflatable jack-o-lantern in our front lawn. Yes summer is over and fall is here, but before I trade my tank tops for flannel shirts there is one last big event that will officially mark the end of summer.

The Folsom Street Fair.

Ah Folsom, the one day of the year when downtown San Francisco is transformed into a giant, gay leather fest. The only place in the world where you could run up to a cop screaming, “Officer, officer! There is a man, naked, and he is handcuffed to that fence over there!” and the officer will calmly respond, “Well, does he WANT to be?” Long term readers will know that I’ve a unique place in my heart for this event. Our first trip, 6 years ago, was a watershed event both personally and for the company. Marking the moment when we went from “guy in his back yard” to “world’s biggest bondage rope supplier”. Over the years I’ve attended as a vendor, a performer and even as a tourist. This year I wrap all those past experiences into one brand new and very exciting adventure. This year I will be attending as a personal tour guide for dear Jezebel.

I am blessed to live a life that allows me to have so many wonderful and varied relationships in it. Each one is very different and each brings a unique perspective and insight with it. I never thought that in all my years I would have a playmate grow into a relationship where we could travel together and she would enjoy my company as both her top and tour guide. Let’s face it, even my partners get annoyed with me what with all the lawn gnome jokes and constant email checking. So having someone grow from seeing me only in the dungeon a few hours at a time to someone who will invite me to travel with her is a huge leap for us both. It will be quite an adventure, but I have great faith that we will have a grand and very naughty time.

Now the real worry I have is what to wear?