Friday, September 25, 2009

I think some days you listen a little too closely

A reader and podcast listener sent me a note yesterday commenting about one of my numerous caffinee fueled rants on a recent podcast. In said rant, I went off on two of my favorite topics. Sex and zombies. Somehow through the miracle of poor logic and fast talking I managed to steer the rant into "why the hell don't zombies come back horny?"

And what do I find in my inbox, but a link to "Sex Tips For Zombies"
Now, I wish I could just pass this off as another flash in the pan, jumping on the undead bandwagon and gone in 6 months blog, but the thing is... it is actually really fucking funny.

I really need to close this up, dive into this pile of Color of the Month orders and then put the finishing touches on my Folsom prep, but I'll leave you with this thought. While I do not consider myself a "hipster" by any stretch of the imagination, I like to think I have a decent eye for the ebb and flow of popular culture. Is it just me or has the whole "Zombie thing" started to reach a sort of cultural critical mass? That point where, like bacon before it, go from being good clean(ish) fun to becoming the punchline to it's own joke? Bacon flavored lube, anyone? Or will it remain a timeless form of entertainment, much like seeing Brit men dressed in drag or watching videos of guys getting smacked in the balls?**

In short, has the Zombie jumped the shark?*

*We all know what happened when the zombie fought the shark
, Splatter genius Lucio Fulci showed us that already.

**Or even the most timeless of all humor, the fart joke. Combine all three, Brit men in drag, getting smacked in the junk and making fart jokes? I dare say you have the holy grail of humor (or a good night on BBC America after a serious bender)