Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dearly departed.
In the air, my flight winging its way eastward through the night and into the morning till we reach our destination, Boston. Boston, however, is just the start if this trip.

The start would have to be back in San Francisco, exhausted and slightly buzzed from our day in the sun and sweat that was the Folsom Street Fair, Jezebel and I were conversing about all the sights we had just taken in. As I tended to the fresh, deep cuts left in her breasts by a wicked single tailing at the Kink.Com stage, she asked me if I ever missed “working” at events like this.
“There is no way to keep up with all the inbound demand and mount a large scale show at the same time; last one almost put me in the hospital. I retired from doing shows, much to the relief of my partners, about 18months ago. However, the chance to see my customers face to face, to hear their stories and share in their excitement for this thing I make? Oh I miss that more that you could imagine…”

And from there, a plan was hatched.

My old friend, Graydancer, has been after me for years to attend one of his “Un-conferences” equal parts an exercise in controlled anarchy and excuse to get a bunch of rope lovers who may never travel to a big convention a place to gather and learn, these have been growing in both number and popularity. I never thought I would be attending one till Jezebel suggested it.
“I’ve got a break that week, I’ll meet you in Boston for a bit and then you can head over to the event… I bet you they miss seeing you too.”

Next thing I knew, she had plane tickets, car rentals and hotel reservations bought and waiting for me, all I needed to do was figure out if they wanted me at the event and what I could bring to the show.

“Rope, you moron, lots of rope” was Gray’s ecstatic response.

And so here I am, headed into Boston with a case full of rope and a few very interesting, top secret new products to show off and get feedback on. First stop, however, is a swanky old school hotel where I’ll rest up and then connect with Jezebel. Tonight she wants to show me the town as well as indulge our shared fetish for all things strange as we embark on a late night tour of the town’s more infamous haunted places.

Tomorrow I’ll venture east to Connecticut, but tonight it is all about food, strong drinks and seeing if I can give Jezebel some fresh marks now that her single tail “trophies” seem to have faded away.