Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I know, I know.. I should be blogging. Up to my eyeballs getting ready for the Boston / Hartford trip. ALmost ready to go, just a few more pieces of rope to whip up and then some steel to pack away and then it is onto a red eye tomorrow night. Really exited to be in New England again and getting to see my old friend Gray as well as make some new friends too.

In the meantime I'm running about like a madman trying to remember everything I am forgetting to bring!

So while I write myself another note that reads "WEAR PANTS!" here is a thought for today.

The real problem with internet pornography? It is not the vast quanity of it, nor the ease with whish you can access it. A few clicks and next thing ya know you are watching GILFs take on the cast of HeeHaw, all in glorious HD. Nope, the real problem is that it is just not as much fun to hide as the old paper based porn of our youth.

Back in those days there was an art to owning illicit porn, you could not just leave it laying about for fear that your mom would find it. No, you had to hide it, but not too well for fear that accessing it might take too much work and then blow your cover. Or worse, you could end up like the last guy who owned my house. He forgot about his gay porn and left it for me to find sealed in the walls of the bathroom some 20 odd years later. No, there was an art to porn stashing. A lost art I fear.

Then there is the time honored ritual of "the passing of the porn". See, you can't just throw old pornography away in the trash when you are done with it. What if the garbage man finds it and tells your folks? Besides, think about the next generation of young, adolescent boys.. minds eager to understand the hormones that are bombarding their young bodies. No, you must pass the porn along. Give to the next generation, just as you were given to.

Somehow passing along your list of bookmarks just does not seem as satisfying, ya know?