Monday, October 26, 2009

Interesting thing, writing a blog for almost 6 years... it takes on a life of its own. Like some kind of like a garden, it grows as you feed it and most days you love the harvest it provides, other days it feels like that monster from Little Shop of Horrors, going "FEED ME!"

Now I've said time and time again that I am no a "writer", nope and if you read enough of this blog then you will agree. I mispell, run-along and fragment the hell out of the English language in ways that would make most editors want to stab me repeatedly in the eye with a red pen. Nope, I'm an entertainer. My job here is to tell you a tale, in whatever medium I have at my disposal. Over the years as the various blogging fads have come and gone out of fashion I've enjoyed trying my hand at several. Who remembers when voicemail blogging was going to be the "next big thing"?

Yeah, not many of ya, thought so.

Since my new laptoplet has his handy little built in camera on it I thought perhaps what might be fun to try would be an un-edited, un scripted, and un rehearsed rant. Just me, the camera and a topic. I'd hit record and not stop till I ran out of steam, no retakes no do overs. I know this idea makes my video production guy want to scream, if he cant run me through at least 2 post production filters and re-renders then he won't take the job, but I digress.

So here you go: Me, a camera, a topic and a glass of whiskey.... you were warned.

Monk's Rant. 10/26/09 The goat and the crash helmet from Twisted Monk on Vimeo.

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