Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Based on the success of my recent forays into bondage instruction, neither the Hartford GRUE crowd or the NYC folks threw any rotting food at me or sued me so I am taking that as positive feedback, I'm thinking that there might be a niche for my unique "twist" on kink. While I have learned long ago to "never say never", I really cannot see myself in the same leauge as "real" instructors like Max or Midori. Nope, I'm perfectly happy to share what I have learned from other, better teachers and refer all the hard questions to the experts.

That said, it looks like the upcoming GRUE in San Diego might be my next opportunity to flex the instructor muscle again. Now due to the anarchistic nature of the GRUE, there is no set agenda nor is there an "approved course curriculum" so in short I can pitch just about any class my evil brain can come up with. If folks want to attend it, well that is another matter. Hence the magic of the "un-conference'

Here is what I'm thinking so far for class ideas;
"Inside the top secret labs of Twisted Monk" (did this one in Hartford and it was very well received)
"Your going to put that in my what?! Steel toys and other insertable madness"
"Tiaras, Mouse Ears and You. The delicate balance of humor and sadism"
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Everything you ever wanted to know about being a male sex worker but were afraid to ask"