Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Ok, so you guys liked the video rant. Not sure if it was the embarrassing tale of my odd youth that did it or the flailing hand gestures that made it work for you. Either way I'm glad ya enjoyed it.
Now this morning as I race about getting all my last minute NYC stuff done I feel like I am tracking a zillion details at once. What gear to bring, what clothes to pack, what class material do I need to bring, what needs to still be finished and oh I need to do something about the state of my torn to shreds hands today too.

Enough about that, this morning I caught a tweet regarding the re-introduction of the dreaded Eggnog Latte. I have a very strong opnion about this whole "eggnog thing" In fact I think it is a conspiracy, far worse than anything ever hatched out of Area 51.

The Great Eggnog Conspiracy Theory from Twisted Monk on Vimeo.

Oh and yes, that is a clove cigarette in my hand. I have been known to enjoy one on cold fall days while listening to Type O Negative and drinking coffee in the rain.

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