Thursday, December 24, 2009

Where was I? Oh yeah, that is right, I needed more coffee and then I was going to tell you about the class in Vegas and why it is like 9 shades of awesome. Excuse me for a sec while I go menace a minion into making a fresh pot of coffee by doing my version of “The Humpty Dance” till they run screaming.

Fresh coffee in 6.5 seconds… Works every time.

So about this “Sensual Bondage for the Not So Vanilla” class I am teaching on Thursday January 7th at the Erotic Heritage Museum, what is so special about it anyways? Now aside from the obvious fact that I’m teaching it and my last class of this topic not only sold out in less than 24 hours, it also had a waiting list and got some great reviews. Not that I’ve got an ego about this sort of thing, but I am very thrilled that folks responded to my unorthodox approach to bondage. You can learn how to tie just about anything from my videos, but this class’ focus will be on how to think, how to get past the whole “bunny goes out of the hole, bunny goes around the tree…” centric bondage and have fun with your rope. When you are done with the class, all you will want to do is run home, rip each others clothes off and have wild, kinky rope sex.

Now if that was not reason enough, there is the post class show and tell where I show off some advanced tricks, do some demos and answer your questions, if you ask nice I may even tie you up!

But wait there is more, I should mention that the post class Q&A will be at the Breasts and Bondage Event, normally tickets to this event would be $20 bucks, but if you attend my class you get in for free! On top of that, we have a gift bag with over 100 bucks in goodies just for you. Check out this list for details

So, lets recap. A one of a kind learning experience with me (I'll even wear pants!), a gift bag full of free stuff worth over 100 bucks, passes to THE event to be at that night,and an extended 1-on-1 Q&A time and suspension demos. What more do you need? Oh I know, there is also a bar at the event so you can buy me drinks in the hopes of getting me drunk enough to do my impersonation of Mickey Mouse doing a golden shower scene (I’ll take a good bourbon or a nice Maker’s Mark Manhattan, thank you)

There ya have it folks, even if you just go to the class so you can heckle me and throw food, you are still getting a great deal and in for one hell of a fun night.

Hurry and score your tickets though, as of this blog post we are over half sold out!

To learn more about the class, click here.
To register, click here
To learn more about the after party, click here