Friday, January 22, 2010

Answering a product question for a friend.

My pal Vera over at tweeted me this question:
Actual customer email: "How many feet of rope can I fit inside Adult Toychest? Cause I gotta do a lot of tying." @twistedmonk, can you help?

As most rope fans will tell you, the stuff is heavy and finding a good rope bag is always a challenge. I've tried a number of transportation solutions in the past, from the giant duffel bag to the "kitty bag of doom" Lemme tell ya right now, nothing says "I'm a bad ass" like walking into a play space wheeling a bag of rope covered in brocade kittens!

For the Vegas trip, Vera hooked me up with one of her adult toy chest bags to see how it would fare against the "Monk Test" Now while I am still in the process of testing how well the bag will stand up to me, I can give some basic information about capacity.

In this shot I am packing
8MM "suspension kit" (400ft of thick, heavy 8MM rope)
120ft of 6MM rope
a small collection of 4MM/Silk and exotic rope
8 carbiners
1 small suspension ring w/ swivel
2 sets of shears
flash light
small first aid kit
2 canes
1 riding crop

I could have stuffed a bit more rope in the bag, or if I was working only in 6MM rope and not 8MM a probably a 600ft kit would fit easily.

Thus far the zippers held up as well as the shoulder strap from me lugging all over Vegas and the AVN showroom floor.

There ya go Vera, hope it helps.