Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The big O
Now this had to be from one of the more interesting moments of the AVN show for me. One the main stage, porn diva (no, he is a guy so would that make him a "divo'?) Evan Stone was leading a fake orgasm contest. Soon as I heard it was going to happen I all but shoved my long suffering cameraman into the fray to catch it. Why? Two reasons, first off anything Evan Stone does is comic gold, check out the hilarious bit he recorded for us on the CarnalNation.Com site. The other would be my own voyeuristic kink in watching other people react to the spectacle that is porn.

So while my cameraman filmed from the front row, we sat back and watched the crowd as they reacted to the girls as they writhed and moaned on stage. Interesting observation, with out fail, every man watching began to lean in as the girls got going. Some kind of subconscious response to her cries of pleasure or the desire to leap in and get some?

Also, make a point to watch the entire video as the last contestant, a guy, STEALS the show. While riotously funny, I don't think you can see the crowd's response, but the guys are all simultaneously cheering for him and visibly off put too.

Post Script: When asked what I liked most about the AVN show, it would have to be this aspect. I've worked on both sides of the camera, as a consumer of pornography as well as a producer and at shows like this done both the buying and selling, however this was my first opportunity to be allowed on the sidelines to observe and report. To ask questions and report on what I saw. Perhaps it is just me doing amateur sociologist but after you go to enough of these sorts of events, the shock of seeing public nudity and such looses its impact and then you start seeing the meta show, all the various ways people are interacting around this taboo subject. For some, I am sure this made for some painfully boring footage, who wants to look at my big melon when there are so many nice tits to be filmed ;) For those of you who did enjoy it, thanks for all the positive comments and feedback. Who knows, maybe I'll get to play "special correspondent" again sometime.