Friday, January 01, 2010


Standing alone on the porch, the wet night my only companion as I stood on the stoop and took in the start of another year. Behind me, the sounds of laughter from the party filtered out, only to be mixed with the sound of a siren, long in the distance. Like a cliche from some beat poet's manifesto I stood there in the night, clove cigarette in one hand, glass of straight bourbon in the other, assessing these first few moments of the new year. What would this year hold? What resolutions would I pledge myself to?

After a long, deep drag on the clove and an even longer drink, I could only think of one thing to say to this new year. "Fuck you, 2009. I beat you and came out the better man. I'm changing nothing, save one thing.... I'm gonna find more excuses to wear cuff links"

With that, I crushed out my smoke, finished my drink and returned to the party in search of the beautiful women who smile and greet me with open arms, the friends that laugh at my terrible jokes and never remind me that they have hear this particular tale before and above all else, return to what I do best. Change the world, one bedroom at a time.