Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Travel Day
I'm stashed away in the corner of an airport Starbucks, surfing porn on the free wifi and wondering why I opted to cattle car air while my hosts for this trip are flying first class. Oh I remember, I'm traveling with like 150 pounds of rope and suspension gear and I opted to save some cash. That is what I get for trying to be a team player... oh well. While they are boozing it up in first class, I'll be plotting ways to get even. Ways involving a stun gun perhaps. I'm pretty sure the folks at CarnalNation.Com will enjoy some footage of that.

In the meantime, my darling Mistress Matisse has posted another one of her podcasts. I love getting to play cohost to her and play off her very sharp sense of humor. Click over to her amazing blog for more.

Oh they are calling my group, time to elbow my way past this gal with a stroller and maybe trip the old guy ahead of me....

See you kids in Vegas.