Friday, January 08, 2010

Video Blog: When Bad Things Happen to Good Tops, or Critical Hardware Fail!

when bad things happen to good tops, or critical hardware failure recap from Twisted Monk on Vimeo.

In this vblog I discuss a critical hardware failure that happened to me while testing out a new suspension frame at a public event in Vegas. While the bad news is that the hardware failed, spectacularly.

The good news is that nobody was hurt, save me getting clocked in the head. Since the failure, I've been in contact with the hardware maker and they have ceased production till the fault can be corrected and a new truss sent to me for retesting. (If Monk can't break it, then you know it will stand up to anything.)

Also this serves as a very important reminder to all tops, rope or otherwise, what we do is dangerous. Do not get complacent, do not go cheap and always be ready for a disaster.