Monday, January 11, 2010

Who needs to run away and join the circus when you got your own big top?!

I welcomed the rain with relish this morning as I made my way into the shop, thrilled at the prospect of getting my hands dirty again. Playing the roving reporter this last weekend with Tess and Diva was great fun, I'm very proud of the work we did for CarnalNation (be sure to check out the special coverage here and let them know you enjoyed watching the coverage!) and look forward to the next opportunity to work with them, however when it all said and done it all comes back to the rope.

Bundles and bundles of it, all made with love and pride, and shipped out to folks the world over.

It was not until I was just about home that it dawned on me that I spent 5 days on the Vegas strip and I never gambled once. Not even the nickle slots while waiting for a cab. Oh, don't get me wrong. I had a blast and there are a number of stories that I have to share, but is just a great feeling to come home to the arms of your loves, return to a job you love and to look forward to more adventures in your back yard.

Enough navel glazing for me, I've got rope to finish... what was that? Lunch at the taco truck? Oh it is good to be home :)

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