Friday, April 30, 2010

What the hell has Monk been up to now?

No, no this is not me doing a live action version of Bioshock 2. Rather, this is me being a cabaret performer at this year's Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. Now I gotta admit this is a bit of a stretch for me. I was originally hired to be just a "bondage consultant" and ended up as a cast member. I'm doing less rigging and more "theater" type stuff. Stuff I have not done in... oh lets say 25 years? Back when I was doing Cole Porter musicals in high school.

The process has been a stretch for me, I think I have grown used to letting the rope take center stage and respond to the person being tied, rather than being an actor in a role. This week, the long rehearsals, the last minute changes and exhausting stress has sucked, hard. Thankfully I'm part of a really talented cast who are all super supportive and really amazing to watch. I almost missed a cue last night due to being distracted by the other stage acts.

Its funny, I've always believed that in order to grow and thrive in life that you must constantly do something that makes you uncomfortable. Staying in your "safe place" leads to stagnation and unhappiness. Normally I would think of myself doing something crazy like racing an antique motorcycle across Russia or starting a bondage rope company as things like that, but getting on stage and dancing?... Oh kids, edge play for me.

Yes, even the larger than life showman in me gets nervous on stage still :)