Monday, August 09, 2010

Little Red Studio Performance: Jul.23.10
One of the things I love about working with the folks at the Little Red Studio in Seattle is the flexibility and creativity they grant me when I perform. I can come in, armed with an idea, a bottom and they tell me "take 15 minutes, open the show, have fun."

These are from an areal dance piece that I've been playing with.

This is Firebug, until this show she had NEVER been in they air with me before. This act was built the afternoon of the show.

Of course, the required "menacing rope top", I'm really enjoying the rigging in a mask look. Felt like some kind of comic book villain.

She looked like she was having too much fun to not join her.

And no performance is complete with out Monk's signature, "carry her off in the ropes" finish.

All photos by Charlie Noble, thanks again to Firebug and to LRS for hosting.

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