Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why does Monk have a bruise in the perfect shape on @dynamicload's boot in the center of his chest?

No, no I have not adopted a new fetish for being trampled... although it has been too long since I had a good, old fashioned ass kicking, but I digress. No, the bruises were courtesy of my pal Sophia. We make cool bondage art together, remember SEAF? Since then we have been experimenting with more and more dynamic bondage. Both experienced riggers, the focus is less on how is the "top" vs. "bottom" and more on how can we fuse our mutual love of movement and our love of rope to do something that is more like a dance than a suspension scene.

This took shape that afternoon, it was a sort of "Hey, what would happen if we both put on hip harnesses and tried to dance?

Keep in mind kids before you attempt this at home. We are both very experienced riggers and very in touch with what our bodies can and cant do. Suspension bondage it dangerous, add dynamic movement and positions that draw core strength the potential for injury is huge.