Friday, June 17, 2005

Way, way back in November I wrote a piece about parts of our body we are not proud of. Specifically about parts of the body that we might consider having surgically altered. (As an aside, when I wrote that entry I weighed in at 220 pounds. These days I clock in around 203-205 and I still have that wee waddle under my chin. Sigh. While it has not impeded my ability to attract lovers, one can be vain about these things... in moderation.)

Now what really amazed me was the response from all of you. Lots and lots of you came out and commented on parts of your body you were not proud of and why. Folks that I know in real life pointed out parts of their bodies that frankly I had no idea they were embarrassed about.

So this has been stewing on my brain now for months. If we are all so eager to point out the ugly bits about our bodies, can we do the same about the bits we are proud of? Yeah I know there are entire college courses taught on negative body image in America and why we can’t see ourselves as beautiful. No, I’m not even going to try and address that here. Rather I will just do by example and say.

Of all the parts of my body, I am most proud of my hands.

I am a very kinetic person and the whole world to me is something that must be touched and caressed. My hands are my favorite medium for communication and the best sex toy I posses. They are long and lean yet very, very strong. The tips of my fingers are thick with calluses yet worn smooth from the oils we use on the rope.

My hands are also my living, with them I create the rope I am proud to sell and pleased to wrap around naked bodies. This also makes for some very powerful forearms too.

With them I can gently caress the skin of a lover and in an instant hold the ropes in a vice like grip. They are my favorite impact toy, the best tool I know for genital torment, and never, ever challenge me to a thumb wrestling match.

And so I pose this challenge to you, dear readers, complete this sentence.

“Of all the parts of my body, I am most proud of my …”