Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Poly need not always be hard

Tambo once told me that when it came to my fondness for tying up pretty girls, the playing didn’t bother her. Heck, she has helped find me victims! Rather it was seeing someone else trussed up in the same rope I used on her. “It is like seeing another woman at a party wearing the exact same dress”, she once explained.

If you stop and consider it for a moment, it makes a lot of sense really.

While rope is a very utilitarian toy, a tool that can be wrapped and knotted into a variety of uses, it is also a very personal thing. Soaking up the sweat, tears and energy of those bound in it as well as the one doing the binding. Tambo and I have shared many, many intense moments together with our rope. Seems pretty natural for her to want to want to place a boundary there.

Ah the joys of being poly, finding boundaries you did not know you had.

Thankfully, some poly problems are easy to solve. See I know a guy who makes really awesome hemp rope. My current rope kit is due for retirement, (actually it is scheduled to be fabulously destroyed as part of an upcoming scene with Alex) so I’m in the process of building a new rope kit. Now seems like a perfect time to craft her something unique and one of a kind (much like the woman she is).

And so here it is, rope that will only touch her sweet skin and only to be put there by my loving hands. This is the first piece of rope to be made using our new multi-pass dye process. Seems only fitting that she get the very first piece, she was tied up in the very first piece of rope I ever made after all.