Monday, October 09, 2006

Great, just great. After spending the weekend in a vain attempt to take care of those around me who were sick it looks like I am about to fall victim to it as well. Oh joy, like I don’t already have too much on my plate already, now I gotta deal with this.

While I dose up on vitamin C and other pharmaceuticals wonders, enjoy. Tambo took this shot of us while in SF. Remember that birthday present from my “kids”, Nerdy and Alex? Where here it is, a custom T-shirt that reads, “I 'heart' my non-biological, queer, leather children

Yeah, yeah I do. I must admit that this is a new role for me, one that I’m constantly struggling with, worried that I’m doing it wrong or going to do more harm than good. They are great kids, nerve wracking some days and often hard to explain to folks but in the end when they both come running up to me screaming “Daddy!” and wrap their arms around my waist while burying their faces in my chest… I feet very proud and want nothing more than to wrap my leather jacket around them both like a shield and keep them safe and warm for just a bit longer.