Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I keep telling my lovely wife Tambo that she is a better rope top than I

Here is proof. Where I’m happy to tie someone into a ball and toss him or her about the room, she is so very mindful and precise. When she is doing head and face bondage, she becomes so graceful. It is quite beautiful to watch.

These shots were taken during Michele and Delano’s last visit to Seattle. One of the things that really strikes me is that this image was taken not 24 hours after Michele shot Alex and I. She also shot Puck not an hour before too, all part of a 24 hour shooting marathon. What just amazes me that the tools used in all these shots are the same.


Same photographer, same basic lighting setup, same basic premise (two people interacting via rope) yet such different outcomes.


OK, must get back to work. For those keeping the death-march score, yesterday I consumed over 7 shots of espresso in an 16-hour period. Today is a short one, only 11 hours in the shop for me.

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